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About Kitapi

Kitapi founded in 2015. It is a very convenient way to organize your library. It's online and free. You can save unlimited members and books. Besides that, Kitapi serves you a lot of features more than you think: A blog for your library. Membership following feature. Gamification on check-outs. Commenting to books. Feeds from your library or members. And more...

We have been developing the global version of Kitapi. If you are interested, please join our mail list. We won't share your information with anyone else.

For the last 6 years


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For free? Really?

Yes, because we started to build this platform 5 years ago for everybody but especially for kids who go to public schools. We wanted to encourage them to go to the school's library and borrow books. And we did it!

In 5 years of using Kitapi, 164,888 unique members borrowed 277,828 different books, which reaches a total of 952,615 times, and this is only in Turkey.

~ 500,000 members, most of them are students

We had only 2,023 members in the first year. Now we have 493,319 members and 92% of these are students.

~ 2,000,000 books recorded

Yes, we have 1,854,149 book records. We are developing an approach via AI to get unique and valuable records about books.

~ 1,000,000 book lending

Only 1,227 books lent in the first year. Now the number is 952,615, almost 1 million. We expect over 400,000 book lending only in 2020.


Kitapi is not only a library management software. It's a social platform.


Kitapi is an online service. Works on a browser in macOS, Linux or Windows. No need to set-up. Just sign-up and start build your library.

Free and Limitless

It is free from the beginning. There is no limit to main modules like members, books or lending.

QR Code | Barcode

Kitapi could use both QR codes and barcodes for the members and items. You can print out both labels from Kitapi.

Mobile Apps

We provide mobile apps for iOS and Android. You can scan labels via this app or comment on the books that you able to.

Tablet Apps

We have a separate tablet app for iOS and Android. It is kind of kiosk for Kitapi. Many libraries use it this way. Members could take the books by themselves and give back.


There are many reports like daily, weekly or monthly. We also provide reports about the most read books or members who read most.

Easy like Facebook

Kitapi doesn't have complex librarian screens. All forms are simple and targeted to the goal. In fact, only the students are authorized in some school libraries. They can use it easily as well.


We provide a blog for every registered library. You can share your events via this blog. Members can share posts or comments about the books that they read.


Our CLients

We have more than 1500 active library in Turkey. Many of them are big school institutions and international organizations or municipal libraries. Also, some university libraries are using Kitapi, too.